cash management

What is cash management?

Cash flow has a profound impact on the entire business – but there’s still some confusion surrounding the concept and its practical application to your business. Understanding cash flow and cash management goes hand-in-hand with business success while ignoring can lead to disastrous results.

Cash Management 

Cash management occurs when a person or process manipulates the cash inflows and outflows of a business (cash flow) by planning and manipulating those events to your business’ best advantage to result in a cash positive state more often than not, and trending toward always.

‘Best advantage’ could mean different goals to businesses at different stages of business maturity: 

  • Build cash reserves
  • Reinvest in an element(s) of the business
  • Expand
  • Realize profit
  • Pay down debt
  • Protect against shortfalls and cyclicality

On a detailed level, managing cash can involve practical activities

At a high level, managing cash can involve broad planning.

Cash is best managed by looking at the present, mid-operational, and year-term. 

Need help with your cash flow? 

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