What are the 2019–2020 compliance deadlines?

… January 15, 2020 Deadline to make estimated tax payments for the 4th quarter of 2019.

… January 31, 2020 Deadline to distribute annual wage and tax reports to employees and independent contractors who did work for you in 2019. Deadline to submit transmittal forms for W-2s to the Social Security Administration (Form W-3, all W-2s and Form 1096, along with all 1099 forms) is now January 31st (new in 2018).

Deadline for Annual Payroll tax reports, due for 2019 payroll taxes, including annual wage and tax reports, unemployment tax reports, and Form 941 (the quarterly payroll tax report).

Deadline for the monthly payment on federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes and the Federal Unemployment Tax Report for 2019.

… March 16, 2020 Deadline for Partnerships and S-Corporations to file tax returns.

… April 15, 2020 Deadline for C-Corporations, sole proprietors, and individuals to file tax returns.