Prosperity Bookkeeping Financial Report

Financial Reporting, Review and Analysis

Data entry and a clean set of books are great; but, it can be difficult to find time to wade through those financial reports and make sure everything is accurate. We take care of that for you; and, can even go so far as to only pull out the information that is most valuable to you and present it to you on an easy to read scorecard as often as you need it.

Whether we are doing your bookkeeping or not, an accountant will review the data entry to ensure that everything was classified correctly, that assets were not recorded as expenses, that direct costs were coded to the correct accounts and that none of the data has been corrupted due to faulty software. This occurs after the monthly bank reconciliations have been completed. A profit and loss statement and balance sheet and/or scorecard will then be completed and submitted to you; or, anyone that you would like to see the financial reports, like, your tax preparer or banker, for instance.

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