We reward for referrals!

We all know how valuable word of mouth referrals are. We trust and quite often rely on our friends and family to recommend services and products to us, especially when a high level of trust is required. Because referrals are the best compliment ever; and, because they allow us to focus more time on providing quality service instead of marketing, they deserve a thank you!

Every time someone engages for services on your referral, we will send you a little something special as a reward.

No coupons or special codes to remember and no limits. Best of all, it’s easy.

If you would like referral cards to share with business friends and acquaintances, please let me know!


What kind of referrals are we looking for?

  • Our target market (not required; but, it helps):
    1. Entrepreneurs who want to be financially accountable but need help doing so
    2. Green Bay and surrounding areas
    3. $24,000 to $3 million per year in revenue
    4. 1 – 10 employees
    5. Service based business
  • You can help determine if there is a need for our services by asking the following:
    1. Whether your bookkeeping is getting done or not, are your profits planned for or hoped for?
    2. Do you wish you had a clearer understanding of where your business’ money is going, where it should go, and how you can get better control of it?
    3. Are your books up to date and are you 100% sure they are accurate and correct?

How do I give the referral?

  • Share with them, your positive experience with us or with someone within our organization
  • Get their permission for us to contact them
  • If it makes sense, arrange an introduction either via e-mail; or, better yet, in person


“I just opened [my client’s] QuickBooks file to prepare their 2013 taxes.  I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU because the beginning balances match the 2012 tax return.  In theory it should always be that way, but in practice it seldom is.  I know you had a big part in making sure it was correct and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.”
Sue Stehula, CPA, Alberts & Heling CPA's LLC
“I was hesitant to hire a bookkeeper because I wasn’t sure if someone else would be able to understand my business like I did.  If it didn’t work out, I would have to spend countless hours cleaning up messy books.  But Kristie took control of the financial aspects of my business, created more effective ways to process receivables and payables, and brought clarity to my bookkeeping.  Her work is very structured and consistent, and she is a pleasure to work with!  Since hiring Prosperity Bookkeeping, I have been able to put more focus and time into growing my business, and my stress has been reduced knowing that my books are accurate and up-to-date.”
Nicole Watermolen, Owner, Watermolen Apartments