Pricing is very dependent on the unique needs of each individual organization. Ongoing data entry services are priced based on the volume of accounting work that is being done in your organization, not by the hour. This is beneficial to the client for several reasons:

  • The burden to be efficient is on us. It is not your problem if we have inefficiencies in our operations.
  • There are no surprises to throw off your budget. You know what your spend will be for bookkeeping services each month. (Significant changes in volume may require pricing review and/or adjustment)
  • We encourage our clients to ask questions and be in the know about their finances. Therefore, it would be contradictory for us to start the clock ticking every time they call or e-mail us. Consultation is included in pricing.

We strongly recommend scheduling a free, one-hour consultation to discuss your unique service requirements with us so that we can give you the most accurate pricing possible.

We recommend having the following information readily available at a minimum for the consultation:

  • 3 months of bank statements for each bank account and
  • 3 months of credit card statements for each credit card account

Ready access to your QuickBooks company file is ideal when possible

Project work is on an hourly basis.