Our Mission…

Our mission to help small business owners in the U.S.A. take the guesswork out of business decision making by providing them with cloud-based bookkeeping systems and solutions that allow them to track their business finances; and, use this information to make informed decisions based on facts rather than emotion, without distracting them from managing or growing their business(es). This creates more sustainable businesses; which, results in a healthier economy and healthier families.

Our Values…


We teach our clients how to become and remain financially sound, so that they are prepared for growth and dips.


We teach our clients how to reward themselves, how to reward their employees and how to add value to their business while remaining responsible to their suppliers, their customers and their government.


We show our clients how to get back in balance with a spending plan that creates systems that practically manage the business and the people for them. This allows them to spend more time on the things that are most important to them.


We remind our clients that cheaters never win. Better to lose a little to do what is right than to gain a lot at someone else’s expense. While you may think you are getting away with this, eventually it can begin to erode your soul.


We believe that we have one provider. It is not an employer or a customer or a parent or the government. All of these are just the vessels that God uses to deliver what he has chosen to assign to our care. We also believe that what we receive is his, not ours. Therefore, we must manage our blessings as though we are managing them for God himself. Prosperity specializes in helping people account for things, usually their money; but, not always. Our goal is to make sure that when our clients stand face-to-face with their creator one day, in regard to their business, the Lord will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”