Cash Flow

3 Signs Cash Flow Advisory Services Are Right For You

You worry about running
out of cash in your
small business.

Your cash flow fluctuates up
and down a lot, making it hard
to know whether you’ll have enough

Your bank balance is often so low
that you’re having to closely
manage it on a daily basis,
wasting precious time you
could be using building or
re-building your business

Reduce Risk & Grow

Stop fussing with spreadsheets. Understand your business an take action.

Your cash position is your most precious commodity. Know where you stand, your next steps, and where you are headed.

  • Monitor the current state of your cash and proactively address problems.
  • Manage the timing of payments and take action on overdue receivables
  • Model what-if scenarios to make the right decisions

What You Can Expect

When you book your complimentary discovery call, here is what you can expect

  • A member of the Prosperity team will dive deep with you into the specific current and anticipated pressures you face as a business owner.
  • We will guide you in identifying where cash is getting stuck in your business.
  • We will provide you with a cash flow monitor scorecard of your business
  • We will recommend a cash flow advisory package that is best suited for your current situation and budget

Cash Flow Advisory Packages


Cash Flow Monitoring

  • Weekly insights panel
    sent weekly via email
  • Invitation to connect as


Cash Management

  • Bronze features
  • List of high priority
    (aging, large or
    milestoned) followup activity for closer


Cash Modeling

  • Bronze and Silver
  • Quarterly
    consultation to
    model quarterly
    sales goals and
    ‘what if’ scenarios