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How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Can Boost Business Growth

May 12, 20242 min read

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Those 24 hours hardly seem to be enough time for small business owners to accomplish all they need to get done. In addition to working long hours, small business owners are under a lot of pressure. Although many strive to maintain a work/life balance, they often feel pressured to take on multiple roles in their business. One of these roles is bookkeeping. 

Execute These Business-Growth Strategies

Managing business finances can be time consuming and stressful. Plus, bookkeeping tasks take time away from core business activities that grow a business. Delegating financial tasks to a professional bookkeeper frees up time for small business owners. Instead of doing accounting and bookwork (5 Top Reasons Not To Do Your Own Bookkeeping), business owners can focus on growth strategies such as:

  • Developing and marketing new products or services

  • Streamlining operations for maximum efficiency

  • Strategizing a merger or acquisition

  • Planning for expansion

  • Completing professional development courses

  • Hiring the right people to propel the business forward

Decrease Your Workload by Outsourcing

By nature, bookkeeping is time-intensive. Although many bookkeeping tasks are easy and repetitive, they take time to accomplish. Even if a small business owner is a whiz at bookkeeping, the Do-It-Yourself approach might not be the most efficient way for business owners to use their time. With so many other business-growth strategies to implement, small business owners should look for ways to decrease their workload. Many choose to outsource their bookkeeping.

Delegate Bookkeeping to a Professional

Delegating bookkeeping services to a professional is easy and economical. Today’s virtual bookkeeping services allow businesses to work with professionals from near or far. Businesses and bookkeepers can communicate and collaborate via video conference, email, and phone calls, which saves time and money on travel expenses. 

Assess the Cost of Delegation

The cost of delegating bookkeeping is a common concern for small business owners. Of course, the cost of outsourcing bookkeeping varies depending on a number of factors. This comprehensive guide to outsourcing your bookkeeping describes the real cost of outsourcing bookkeeping, so small business owners can make an informed decision that's right for their business.

Scale Your Business to the Next Level

A virtual bookkeeper helps small business owners scale their business and get past the “wall” that prevents them from moving forward. When time is short and the work/life balance goes out of whack, it’s time to delegate bookkeeping tasks and hire a professional bookkeeper. Ready to delegate bookkeeping responsibilities to a trusted accounting professional? Contact us, and tell us about your small business - pet care or another industry.


Joan Koehne

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