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4 Tips For A Great Working Relationship With Your Bookkeeper

October 04, 20233 min read

Accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping contributes to the success of a small business. Even if you outsource, bookkeeping is an integral part of business operations. Prosperity Bookkeeping works closely with bookkeeping clients. By optimizing the vendor-client working relationship, we maximize the value we provide. Successful vendor-client relationships evolve into partnerships. Thus, bookkeeping becomes a collaborative effort. To achieve that goal, here are 4 tips for having a great relationship with your bookkeeper, Prosperity Bookkeeping.

Be a Good Communicator

Outsourcing bookkeeping makes sense for many small businesses. To get the best ROI from outsourcing, good communication is essential. A huge part of working with an outsourced bookkeeper is passing along information. Prosperity Bookkeeping will ask for documents, account numbers, customer information, and other data. Failures in communication can lead to frustration, lost time, missed deadlines and errors that can cost the client money. Small businesses that don’t communicate well with their bookkeeper won’t receive any value – no matter how talented the bookkeeper is. Responsive, ongoing communication contributes to great results.

Respect the Staff

The Prosperity Bookkeeping staff is small but mighty. We help business owners be good financial stewards so they are prepared for growth and setbacks. In all staff interactions, Prosperity Bookkeeping asks that clients show respect, common courtesy, and politeness. In practice, this means listening intently without interrupting, showing appreciation for work accomplished, and valuing our time by promptly responding to emails and phone calls. Respect goes a long way toward increasing productivity and job satisfaction. Snarky comments and chauvinistic attitudes have no place in a business relationship.

Know Your Finances

Small business owners know that building a team around them is essential for success. That’s why they outsource bookkeeping to a professional for services like data entry, customer billing, vendor payment, bank reconciliation, and financial statements. However, outsourcing these bookkeeping services to a professional bookkeeper doesn’t mean their financial responsibilities end. In order to succeed, small businesses still need to understand their finances and comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Clients who are dishonest or clueless about their business finances put undue strain on a vendor-client relationship.

Honor Our Scope of Services

Prosperity Bookkeeping uses a 5-step process to determine if a client is a good fit for our services. In step 5, we agree upon ongoing bookkeeping services. At a minimum, we deliver monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements. Plus, clients can pick other bookkeeping options that fit their needs and budget. Prosperity Booking believes in upfront pricing and terms. We count on clients to honor their commitments, without complaining about the cost or pressuring us to add services that aren’t a good fit for us.

Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

Any relationship worth maintaining requires time and effort. A bookkeeping vendor-client relationship is no different. To get the most value from outsourcing your bookkeeping, it’s important to communicate fully, show respect, understand business finance, and observe business commitments. These actions strengthen the vendor-client relationship, which ultimately, develops into a mutually beneficial partnership. Prosperity Bookkeeping provides the financial insights that small businesses need to make sound decisions, maintain cash flow, control costs, and comply with tax requirements. Contact us, and tell us your bookkeeping story.

About the Author: Once a mild-mannered reporter and editor, Joan Koehne took on the persona of her alter ego, Wonder Writer, to launch Writer to the Rescue , the content writing division of Packerland Websites. Wonder Writer is “saving the world one word at a time” with power-packed content marketing for digital and traditional media outlets.

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