financial dilemma

3-Step Solution to a Financial Dilemma

Small businesses owners face a variety of financial challenges, big and small. Recently a client told me, “I’m probably the lowest paid person in this company.” He wasn’t complaining or even bringing it up as a concern necessarily, yet it was something he felt may be true about his business. I could relate, because at […]

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2019 End-Of-Year Contractor Checklist

Verify contractor information: Verify contractor name Verify contractor address Verify contractor identification number File 1099 You’ll want to make sure all your contractor information is in one place. Like with employees, you’ll want to verify your contractor’s name, address, and identification number. The ID number can be a contractor’s SSN, ITIN, ATIN, or EIN. The […]

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2019 End-of-Year Employee Benefits Checklist

Verify employee benefit information: Confirm retirement plan eligibility Confirm health benefits (and imputed wages) Confirm fringe benefits Review sick time Review vacation time Review deferred compensation We often set and forget employee benefits, but the end of the year is an important time to verify your employee benefit information. For most retirement benefit information, like […]

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