What is Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the ‘new black’ for 2021…but what exactly is it? Cash flow has a profound impact on the entire business – but there’s still some confusion surrounding the concept and its practical application to your business. Understanding cash flow goes hand-in-hand with business success, while ignoring it can lead to disastrous results. Cash [Read More]

Accounts Receivable: How Much Do Clients Really Owe?

If I asked you how much money your customers owe you, would your answer be accurate? When your Accounts Receivable numbers are accurate and up to date, you become more confident making business decisions. You can base decisions on financial statements that you can trust. Identify Balance Sheet Inaccuracies Basically, Accounts Receivable is a line [Read More]

How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Today we have more choices and strategic information at our fingertips than ever before. Here’s how to make it work for you. Making business decisions can be challenging when there are so many factors at play. Timing can play a huge role. So can due diligence in vetting every potential decision you could pursue. But [Read More]

Build a Nest Egg with Wisconsin Saves

Many of you know how I left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom. I chose to make less and live more. This was a major life change in so many ways, but one I don’t regret. That’s not to say that my family and I didn’t experience some bumps along this new career [Read More]

No. 1 bookkeeping task? Reconciliation

Keeping the books for a small- to medium-sized business is overarching process that separates into individual tasks. Over my years as a bookkeeper, I’ve come to identify the No. 1 bookkeeping task you don’t want to leave out. Unfortunately, your financial reports are unreliable if you do. What bookkeeping task could be so important? Reconciling [Read More]

Paycheck Protection Loan: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Nothing in life is free,” I would be a rich woman. It was a phrase that echoed in my head time and time again as we waded through the relief options offered to small businesses last spring in response to the pandemic. While my clients, [Read More]

End-of-Year Employee Checklist

Verify employee data: Verify employee full name Verify employee address Verify employee Social Security number File W-2 It’s important to review employee data at the end of the year, particularly with employee names, addresses, and Social Security numbers. Improperly filing this could lead to penalties for each misfiled W-2. Check with your employees to make [Read More]

End-Of-Year Contractor Checklist

Verify contractor information: Verify contractor name Verify contractor address Verify contractor identification number File 1099 You’ll want to make sure all your contractor information is in one place. Like with employees, you’ll want to verify your contractor’s name, address, and identification number. The ID number can be a contractor’s SSN, ITIN, ATIN, or EIN. The [Read More]

It’s Almost Time for 1099’s

January is fast-approaching, and that means it is almost time to send out 1099’s to some of your vendors. Check out my latest video for more information or continue reading below! To whom are you required to send a Form 1099-MISC? As a general rule, you must issue a 1099-MISC to each person to whom [Read More]