Avoid Overwhelm with a Tickler File

As a small business owner, there are many days I wake up and feel overwhelmed by what is on my plate for the day. Luckily, the overwhelm only lasts until I check my ticker file for the day. In there, I have a photo copy of the November 11 entry from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young reminding me where my strength comes from. It brings me immediate peace; so, I am sharing it with you, for anyone who may be needing a little encouragement.

Do not let any set of circumstances intimidate you. The more challenging your day, the more of My Power I place at your disposal. You seem to think that I empower you equally each day, but this is not so. Your tendency upon awakening is to assess the difficulties ahead of you, measuring them against your average strength. This is an exercise in unreality.

I know what each of your days will contain, and I empower you accordingly. The degree to which I strengthen you on a given day is based mainly on two variables: the difficulty of your circumstances, and your willingness to depend on Me for help. Try to view challenging days as opportunities to receive more of My Power than usual. Look to Me for all that you need, and watch to see what I will do. As your day, so shall your strength be.

My tickler file is my way of organizing papers and reminders that I will need to reference or do something with at a future time. I do not prosper when there are piles of papers laying around and I only like to touch paperwork once or twice if possible. To help avoid the overwhelming feeling of all that paperwork cluttering my workspace, I have two file folders in my desk drawer. One contains binder tabs labeled Jan – Dec and the other contain binder tabs with the numbers 1 – 31. When I receive a document that will need attention later this month, I file it in the appropriate tab so I don’t have to see it again until it is time to deal with it. If I have a document that needs attention in a future month, I file it in the appropriate month and have a task in my electronic to do list to check the current months tab on the 1st of every month and allocate the items in it to the appropriate daily tabs based on when they need my attention.