About Our Team

Kristie Van Pay founded Prosperity Bookkeeping as an outlet for her passion to help small business owners prosper to their hearts desire, in a financially healthy way. She is passionate about helping people account for things—usually their money—but not always.

Kristie’s former experience working directly in small businesses has allowed her to specialize in giving business owners the mindset they need to approach, evaluate, and think through their next financial decision. She is a guide who can protect business owners from their own desperation or emotional attachment by seeing the bigger picture; and, she can help steer her clients to their unique and individual destinations.

As a team, we believe that a strong & thriving economy is the result of strong families; and, strong families are the result of God being at the center of those families. For God to be at the center, he must come first. For families to be strong, their relationships with one another must be a priority. We believe putting God 1st, family 2nd and career 3rd is the key to strong families; and, hence, a strong nation.

In order for this balance to happen, we have to come to terms with the fact that we cannot be entirely self-sufficient all the time. We do what we do so that we can help business owners be good financial stewards in their business and pass those good practices onto their families, while freeing up their time so that they can honor the important value of God 1st, family 2nd and career 3rd. Together, we can once again return to a thriving nation that gives all the glory to God.