Why work with Prosperity Bookkeeping

5 Reasons To Work With Prosperity Bookkeeping

We know you have a choice about who you trust with your books and finances. Our mission is to help small business owners take the guesswork out of business decision making by providing them with systems and solutions that allow them to track their business finances; and, use this information to make informed decisions based on facts rather than emotion, without distracting them from managing or growing their business(es). This creates more sustainable businesses; which, results in a healthier economy.

Here are five reasons why you should work with Prosperity Bookkeeping:

  1. That week (or several) that you used to spend in January pouring over last year’s receipts and invoices for the tax preparer can now be spent on a vacation of your choosing.
  2. Identifying and targeting the most profitable customers just got easier, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.
  3. If you utilize our budget, the emotion is taken out of spending decisions, allowing you to remember how luxurious a good night’s sleep really is.
  4. Books that are done on a regular basis keep problems small because areas that need attention can be identified more immediately and you can get back to the golf course post haste.
  5. If you are doing your own accounting, you are giving up time that could be spent on revenue generating activities; and, you are depriving yourself of an outside, objective opinion. An outside perspective could protect you from your own desperation or premature attack on your next great idea (hey, we need someone to reign us in once in awhile too).

“…but, don’t just take our word for it.  Read this FOXBusiness article: 10 Critical Things to Look for in a Small Business Bookkeeper


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